Focus Raghu

Fascinated by photography since my younger days, that gave me a fresh lease of life and nurtured me all these 12 years.

I love two types of photography. One, the unsullied beauty of the nature and the other one, the emotion charged wedding scenes. Therefore I will not miss for anything an opportunity to recreate the beauty of the nature or capture the kaleidoscopic emotional ingredients of a wedding Ceremony.

I have travelled from Kasmir to Kanyakumari to capture the small and the mighty creatures of the nature. From the freezing cold of Himalayas to the dust filled deserts of Rajastan have not deterred me from this pursuit.

I have undertaken wedding photography assignments in the Indian states of Maharastra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala and Tamilnadu for various clients.

The advice and the encouragement I received from the eminent photographer, Sri. Gurudath Kamath and the well known art critic, Sri. A. Ishwarayya helped me to grow up in the field of photography. All these factors led me to bag 10 International, 4 National and 24 State Level Awards in various photography exhibitions.

I believe in life is that "Constant experimentation and fresh approach is to essential to create worthwhile images".

I also take wedding projects according to you budget needs.

Emotions Captured in Canvas.